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Steele-N-Jo’s Bone-Dry Campground

The Blackfoot Mountain range is home to many dry farms, ranches, pristine creeks, and reservoirs. Steele-N-Jo’s is located approximately 25 minutes from Ririe Reservoir and 60 minutes from the Blackfoot Reservoir. A day trip to Soda Springs; Alpine, Wyoming; or a ride across the W are common occurrences for many patrons. Whether you’re drowning a worm, hunting the elusive beast, hiking the unbeaten path, or riding the rugged trails, our location makes for a convenient place to put down some roots and enjoy some R&R. Bring your camper, tent, jeep, or whatever you’re set-up is. We have a peaceful place for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Our Grounds

Anyone can enjoy a night under the stars at Steele-N-Jo’s Campground. Get a lay of the land before coming to visit. Here’s some info about what the camping spot is like:

Tents are welcome.

Our camping spots do not have hook-ups available.

All camping vehicles must have self-contained potable and gray water tanks.

Port-a-potties are available in spring, summer, and fall.

Campground Pricing

Campsites are priced by the day. The longer you stay, the better your discount. Tax is not included in the listed price.




Weekend–3 Nights
$25 savings


Weekly–6 Nights
$35 savings


We want everyone to be able to enjoy their stay in Bone. We are pet friendly at Steele-N-Jo’s, but we expect pet owners to be considerate of our space and their pet. Please be considerate of us and those around you by following these policies:


Quiet Campground Area: 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Please be respectful of your neighbors.

All outbuildings are private property. Guests are expected to respect our property and stay out of these buildings.

No driving ATVs within Steele-N-Jo’s property.

No excessive in-and-outs.

All motorized vehicles are to be operated slowly and quietly when driven out of Steele-N-Jo’s Bone.

No generators after 10:00 p.m. Please do not leave generators unattended during the day.


No campfires unless you have your own contained fire pit.

When a “no-burn” order is in effect, no fires will be allowed at all.

No gathering of wood from Steele-N-Jo’s property.


Pets are allowed in camping areas only.

Pets must be on a leash or contained at all times.

Please do not leave pets unattended or locked inside a vehicle.

Please pick up after your pet.