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Welcome to Steele-N-Jo’s Bone

where your heart feels at home

We sure hope you enjoy your destination dining experience. We are committed to providing you with quality food, cold drinks, and excellent service. Our food takes some time to prepare – our kitchen is small and the grill is too. Please understand we are NOT fast food. Our dining experience is one we like to call “Destination Dining”. Meaning the entire experience is unique, from the drive along the Lonely Bone Road, the views of the Blackfoot Mountains, the conversation at the table, to the food and drink offered – each phase creates a moment in time. Enjoy it all! The only thing fast in Bone is the traffic and the ambulance and life flight tending to the crash scene. The only thing cheap in Bone is…well nothin’ we’ve found yet. Turns out runnin a restaurant in the foothills is pretty costly. Slow your roll friends and know your hard earned dollar supports the legacy of keeping Bone running. We believe the time you spend here enjoying each other’s company, relaxing, and disconnecting from the noise of life and digital distractions is truly what the best part of life is all about.

Lil About Steele-n-Jo

Kory (Steele) Edelmayer and Amanda (J0) Edelmayer hail from Roberts, Idaho. We fell in love with Bone many years ago. We decided to take the opportunity to carry on the legacy Mandy Jo and Chris Blake started a few years back, along with many other owners of Bone who came before all of us. “This will be fun” they said…. 😊 We have four children and a couple additions: Clint & Kaylee, Hadley & Mariya, Sydney Jo, and Bridger - all of whom you will see working here on occasion – along with Grandma Pat! It truly does take a tribe and we love ours.

Join our Boner of the Month Mug Club. Purchase some awesome Steele-n-Jo’s merch at the Bar.

Please check out our website for live music, gatherings updates and venue options www.steelenjosbone.com We’d love to help you celebrate your special occasions – we have a couple different venue options available. Celebrating life and those we love is extremely important to us.

Enjoy your destination dining! Oh, and Welcome to our Tribe of Boners!

Bonemade Goodness

Chili, Soup, Tater Salad: Cup $6.00 Bowl $8.00

Smoked in Bone

In Bone, we don’t beat our meat, we smoke it and pull it!

Steele’s Pulled Pork Sandwich - $13.00

Slow smoked pulled pork, topped with bonemade BBQ sauce, dressed with coleslaw (or get it on the side). Served with Regular Lays Chips or Jo’s Tater Salad. This my friend is worth the drive. Add on a side of fries $2.00 more or add basket of fries to share at the table for $8.50!

Destination Connection Baskets

Connection is what we are all about. Our baskets are simple food that gathers people round the table to do what we all do best….connect. Order one of each and share!

Bonemade Dip-n-Sauce

All connection baskets are served with a few veggies (cuz they’re good for ya) and your choice of 2 dippin’ sauces. All sauces & dips are Bonemade!

Sauce Choice: Bonemade Ranch, Bone Sauce (like fry sauce only better), Spicy-Bone White Sauce (horseradish n stuff), Smoked BBQ Sauce, Additional sauce .50

Warm Dips: Bonestyle Marinara Dip, Cheezee Bone Queso Dip (add to any basket $1.50)

Bone Road Chic-kin’ Strips - $10.00

6 Chicken tenders. They are chickin’ likin good peeps. Add Tater Nuggets $3.00

Canyon Creek Skinny Dippin’ Chic-kin’ Basket: - $10.00

Slow smoked, perfectly seasoned chicken pieces. So freakin’ tasty, you forget they’re naked.

Bone Style Fry Basket - $8.50

Well it’s about fries came to Bone! A generous portion of fried tater nuggets, just like Idaho intended

Ranch Hand Chili-n-Cheese Fry Basket - $12.00

Tater Nuggets topped with our bonemade Chili and cheese…did we just become best friends??

Wolverine CheeZee Fry Basket - $11.00

Tater Nuggets topped with our bonemade queso sauce and bacon. These are slap your momma good!

Long Valley Cheese Sticks - $10.00

8 Mozzarella sticks served with our bonemade marinara sauce…IDK who came up with fried cheese, I just know we should probably date.

Brockman Ravioli - $9.00

A generous portion of fried ravioli served with bonemade marinara sauce. It ain’t Italy Boners, but it’s as close as you’re gonna get in bone Idaho.

Kepps Cossing Mac-n-Cheese Bites - $10.00

Fried mac-n-cheese bites. Well it ain’t the mac-n-cheese bowl ya’ll love, but it’s pretty dang close. served with bonemade cheese queso dip

Bone-eh-Fied Fried Pickles - $9.50

Spicy Fried pickles. Proof you can turn any vegetable into a culinary delight!

Ozone Fried Green Beans - $11.00

Not your momma’s green Beans. I ain’t never been no veggie lover, but these will change a gal’s mind ‘bout weed’n a garden.

Steele’s Jalapeño Poppers - $12.00

Cream cheese filled goodness with a kick. These are like Christmas came early and keeps comin’ round…a gift from the fry gods friends.

Jo’s Fresh Veggie Basket - $8.50

Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Celery. Served with Bonemade Ranch. Jo just wanted a basket of food that wasn’t fried to be on the menu.

Bone Sweet Treats

Cheesecake $8.00 * Brownie & Ice Cream $10.00 * Huckleberry Delight (when available) $12.00

RootBeer Float $6.00 * Ice Cream Bar $3.00

Thank you for choosing us to enjoy your destination connection! We hope you’ll come back and connect with us again! Grab some cool Steele-n-Jo Merch before ya’ll head out. Stay connected with us by visiting our website www.steelenjosbone.com. We always got somethin fun going on.

Need a place to celebrate a special connection moment? We are your huckleberry! Schedule it with Jo!