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Steele-N-Jo’s Bone is a unique connection destination unlike any other in southeast Idaho. The uniqueness of the venue is as genuine as its history. Steele-N-Jo’s Bone is nestled in the foothills of the Blackfoot Mountain Range, approximately 18 miles from Idaho Falls.

Our unique connection experience is a welcomed break from the noise and a friendly atmosphere to unplug and enjoy the livin’ part of life.

We are surrounded by the most epic recreational space in Idaho. From side by sides to snowmobiles, fly fishing to epic hunting, motorbikes to pedal bikes, hiking to cross country skiing, – there is literally something for every outdoor enthusiast.

Please accept our invitation to unplug, unwind, recharge, and reconnect to enjoy the moments that make living worthwhile.

There is a healing energy in Bone – you are invited to experience the simplicity of the ordinary – Out Where the Wild Things Are.

This is your invitation to take a step back in time, unplug from the noise, and connect to what matters most – YOU.
connecting the mind body and soul by Accepting what was, living what is, and being curious about what is to become. Come experience the healing energy of Bone where living the moments that make life worthwhile is our brand.


About the Owners

Our names are Kory (Steele) and Amanda (Jo) Edelmayer, and we hail from Roberts, Idaho. We’ve been married since October 28, 1995. We are avid outdoor Idaho people. Hunting, fishing, jet boating, razor riding, and rafting are just a way of life for us. Snowmobiling in Bone is one of our favorite pastimes.

We fell in love with Bone many years ago after our beloved friends Mandy Jo and Chris Blake bought and remodeled the place. We spent many a day and night up here sanding, tiling, landscaping, smokin’ meat, and drinkin’ beers with them. We even started the first off-road rally with them called, “Brody’s Ride.” Truly, those are some of our most treasured memories. The legacy they created is one we want to carry on.

We have four children and gained two amazing daughters: Clint & Kaylee, Hadley & Mariya, Sydney Jo and Bridger.

We love our tribe and invite you to experience the beauty of Bone and celebrate the Legends and Legacies that have branded Bone as a connection destination where everyone belongs.

Cheers to Legends and Legacies – Out Where the Wild Things Are…Steele-n-Jo

The History of Bone


Orion Bone was the magnificent man who brought The Bone Store to Bone – literally, he moved a schoolhouse from Birch Creek to what would become the iconic location where so many have found a connection.

Spence Williams took on the challenge of operating the store, and shortly after his death the store was torn down and burned – the legend is a family member was looking for a million-dollar treasure. Tom Robison donated land to Max Rockwood. Max built the existing building that stands today. Max sold out to Robert and Venetta Bell (Bob & Vee). Together they carried on the legacy of Bone and added their own traditions – one of the most prominent is the brands that adorn the ceiling. Later Harvey and Julie Collins would take the reins of Bone and operate it for a few years.

The Store has changed hands several more times since then – a few names we’ve been able to confirm are Dennis Neyhard, Ron and Sissie Kruger, Sherry Day, Douglas Day and Elizabeth Moscrip, and our beloved friends Mandy and Chris Blake. We know there are many more – we just haven’t confirmed them. We’d love to hear your Bone story of previous owners – come share them with us!

Fun Fact: Bone was one of the last cities to receive telephone service. ET could phone home from Bone In 1982.

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