Steele-N-Jo’s Bone

Cheers to Legends and Legacies Out Where the Wild Things Are – Steele-n-Jo


Steele-N-Jo’s Bone is a unique connection destination unlike any other in southeast Idaho. The uniqueness of the venue is as genuine as its history. Nestled in the foothills of the Blackfoot Mountain Range, approximately 18 miles from Idaho Falls is Steele-N-Jo’s Bone.

Steele-N-Jo’s Bone offers a unique connection experience for friends and loved ones. We are a welcomed break from the noise and a friendly atmosphere to unplug and enjoy the livin’ part of life. We want your experience with us to be one worth remembering and will continue to bring you back again and again.

There truly is a secret to Bone – and we want everyone to experience it. The Boner Tribe welcomes you with open arms!

Legacy and Legends Connect for Adventure in Bone


The iconic Bone Store has been a treasured retreat in southeast Idaho since the early 1900s. 

It has worn many hats: a general store, post office, gas station, dance hall, music venue, pool hall, schoolhouse, coffee shop, livestock gathering place, mid-point for cattle drives, Saturday night rendezvous, Rodeo Arena, wedding venue, restaurant, bar (at one time had a urinal in the middle of the floor) pub and treasured stop for recreation enthusiasts. Like the multiple hats that The Bone Store has worn, it has been through just as many owners over the years.

The story of Bone is riddled with hard times yet despite the turbulence, the ONE thing remains the same – everyone has found connection and belonging in one space The Bone Store. In our community, it isn’t about the name – we live and die by the “Brand” – Bone wears the brand of connection, community and belonging. It is a destination where Legends were made, and Legacies live forever.

The uniqueness and charm have enchanted many a lonely bone road wanderer to take in the amazing soul cleansing energy the space provides. The stories shared at the bar confirm many hearts have felt at home in the warm embrace that we call Bone. There are not many places left that can claim such a legacy.

“Cheers to Legends and Legacies” Come join us Out Where the Wild Things Are! Steele-n-Jos Bone


Clinton Ewert
Clinton Ewert
says open till 4 pm on sunday, drove all the way out there to a closed up shop.
EV Lage
EV Lage
Had our annual cornhole tournament here. They treated us better than great!
todd holm
todd holm
The place is just amazing. My niece even got married out there. Was an awesome wedding. I've seen A few concerts out there. So if you're ever in East Idaho, stop out, you'll enjoy yourself. Out in the country out in the mountains just where we all wanna be.
Clint Croft
Clint Croft
Great place to relax and enjoy the music and the scenery Camper hooks ups also.
brad pelot
brad pelot
We always enjoy our time at Steele n Jo's Bone store!
Wayne Maybaugh
Wayne Maybaugh
This was a great place to stop for lunch and a drink. Great food, great atmosphere and great service. Highly recommended.
Tyson Bloxham
Tyson Bloxham
Such a fun place to drop in for food and music. I grew up stopping in here for a bite and a drink. One of my favorite places on this planet!
Jr Henderson
Jr Henderson
Awesome food is great nice 0lace


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Transform our wedding venue into the wedding of your dreams.


Enjoy Live Music and good vibes



Our venue adapts to whatever you need for your special occasion.
wedding area/ reunions

Reunion area

Our venue adapts to whatever you need for your special occasion.


We are open at least 2 weekends throughout the season. Those weekends  are posted on our website and advertised on our Google and social media pages. It has been difficult to find help and keep customers coming up regularly to support our place. We do offer our venue for Company parties, weddings, celebrations of life, Family Reunions, Wellness Retreats, and much more. We have a space for everyone to connect.
Our hood system does not have a fire suppression system. Insurance Companies won’t insure a restaurant without one, unless we’re willing to pay 4 times the cost. We received several bids for the suppression system, all bids required a hood upgrade to meet code requirements. We don’t have the money required to cover the costs. The food we offer is really good food. We found the restaurant business isn’t viable in Bone, so we’re switching the business model to destination. More cool things to come in the future. Bone isn’t about the burger, it’s about the connection. 

Absolutely. Your caterer will just need to complete the liability policy paperwork and list us as an additional insured on their policy.

Yes. As long as they are on a leash no longer than 4′ and are kept outdoors. We also expect owners to clean up after their dogs and keep them distanced from other patrons who may not love dogs as much as we do. Dogs are not allowed in the Amphitheater during events or near tables with food.
Yes. We are family friendly. Kids are welcome to be anywhere but the bar top, in the stream, and on the rocks. We love kids and their parents should love them enough to keep them safe and out of the areas mentioned above. Unattended children will be taught the artistic ability to use a 4 letter word as a noun, adjective, pronoun, and verb. We believe in a well rounded vocabulary in Bone.
We do not. We have overnight parking permits available. There are no hookups.  Pack in your own water and pack out whatever you bring in. $50.00 per night. One day when the stars align and we have ample amount of money, we may invest in an RV Park. 
Like the brands on the ceiling, we wanted to brand Bone too. Steele is Kory’s middle name and Jo is Amanda’s middle name. We also own Steele-N-Jo’s Fishin’ Hole…that’s an entirely different adventure. We didn’t add store, bar, grill, etc after Bone. To us, it’s just Bone – where your heart feels at home. ❤
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