Legacy and Legends Connect for Adventure in Bone, ID

The iconic Bone Store has been a treasured retreat in southeast Idaho since the early 1900s. It has been everything from a general store to a post office, gas station, dance hall, music row, pool hall, schoolhouse, snowmobile destination, razor stop, coffee shop, mid-point for cattle drives, Saturday night rendezvous, Rodeo Arena, wedding venue, restaurant, bar with a urinal in the middle of the floor and pub. The Bone Store has been branded almost as many times as the ceiling and has been through just as many owners over the years. Its uniqueness and charm have enchanted many a lonely bone road wander to settle in and take in the amazing soul cleansing energy the space provides. The stories shared at the bar confirm many hearts have felt at home in the warm embrace that we call Bone. The story of Bone is riddled with hard times and landowner feuds, the rancher plight of lost cattle, snow so deep you couldn’t get in or out, dry farms so dry that chalk tasted like water, yet despite the turbulence, everyone found connection and belonging in one space - The Bone Store. There are not many places left that can claim such a legacy.

The History of Bone

Bone was founded by Orion Yost Bone, who settled southeast of Idaho Falls around 1910. He found a need for a general store in his new community, so he moved a schoolhouse from Birch Creek to Bone and named it the Bone Store.

The Bone Store has experienced several transformations over the years and has changed ownership numerous times. Each owner has brought their own unique atmosphere. One thing that has stayed the same is the connection vibe that has given everyone a sense of belonging and feeling of home. We purchased The Bone Store from Mandy Jo and the late Chris Blake. They remodeled the venue significantly in 2011 and brought about an entirely different type of charm and enchantment.

Their vision was to create a destination where people could come and relax, visit, enjoy some good music, great food, and ice-cold drinks. We intend to carry on with their legacy; while adding a few nuances of our own.

We know our place will always be known as The Bone Store. The brands that adorn the ceiling tell the treasured tale of the ranchers who have left their mark since the mid-1900s.The long-time tradition of putting dollar bills on the ceiling continues to this day as a way of telling stories, making memories, and saying “I was here” for many who have come to call Bone their home away from home. Like the brands and dollar bills on the ceiling, we’ve put our brand on the wall. The brand of Steel-n-Jo’s Bone is inclusive of connection, belonging, and value of time. We left off store, bar, pub, grill, etc on purpose. We are Bone, where your heart feels at home. There is something for everyone here. C’mon up and experience the connection vibe for yourself.